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Did You Miss The Surprise?

I know movies are irrelevant to my usual posts, but who doesn’t love a great ending? I love the days when we discover something awesome and I want to share it with you.

I have never really sat and watched the end credits of a movie, unless I was too sleepy to jump right up. My son and I watched Fast Five at the theater last year and we decided to stay in our seats when the movie ended to watch the end credits, since they were showing a sort of animated race in the background of the credits. If you have ever watched any of the Fast and Furious movies, then you know Dominic and O’Conner have been in a ongoing argument over who truly wins their races. I love how they bicker back and forth about letting the other one win or the car tearing up. (I promise I will not tell you the end of the movie, as much as I want to!)

Everyone else, minus a hand full of people, got up and left the theater.  We were in no rush to leave, obviously loving the movie and wishing it hadn’t ended. All of a sudden, the credits ended and the movie continued! I wish I could tell you the real ending, but if you walked out of the theater early or cut your DVD player off, I will stay silent on this. It is a huge shocker! It was probably one of the best endings they could ever come up with.

For those of you who have not watched most of the Fast and Furious series before Fast Five, unfortunately, you probably will not understand the ending. My son and I talked about this for weeks afterwards, and now wonder how many other endings we have missed! I want to watch the earlier series to see if there were other endings or if they only did it in Fast Five. We loved it and knew instantly there would be another movie. I just searched online and found out the next one should be released in 2013, Furious Six. Two years away, too long.

I will say Tokyo Drift was my least favorite, but I love Fast and Furious! Fast Five was the best one. I am already excited about the next one, like a child waiting on Christmas.  🙂

Did you watch past the end credits or did you miss the surprise? I haven’t heard anyone else mention this. I am really curious how many others saw the real ending.

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