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The Genuine Blogger Award From LostUpAbove

I have made a new friend who thinks I am genuine. Awww…  I am extremely touched.

I never knew when I first joined WordPress, I would fall in love with so many wonderful people. I had no idea if I would even meet another writer I could relate to. I was only here to write.

Well, that has majorly changed. I have learned so much from many inspiring authors, poets, and photographers. I have found the awesomest (it’s a word in my book!) friends here. I have learned it is okay to share the pain, the love, and the funny stuff.

I still cannot figure out where some get their inspiration from though. They make me feel as if I am suffering from a mind block when I read their poems. Some of them are able to express things I know I feel, but could never find the words for. Some think of things I have never even thought of. They amaze me!

As far as my articles, I have only begun. There is so much I want to write, and I will when I am able. Some are mentally hard to write about, as I am still fighting the government, on a closed case at that. It takes a lot out of me and I have to free my mind of it afterwards for a while, to avoid the heaviness of depression. All in due time…

Stephanie is very talented at choosing our great poets and their inspiring poems. They can make you feel as if you are in another era of time. You will enjoy reading her posts. She is truly a loving soul.

Thank you Steph for such a beautiful award! You are certainly Not Lost Down Under!! xoxo 

The beauty of this award is, there are no rules! 

I would like to pass this award on to Rana Armoush, a very genuine heart indeed. 

While you are here, I want to finish something I started before I received the many awards this week. 🙂

I had so much fun entering Aisha’s Picture Worth Your Words Contest, and I have run across other contests I would like to share with those who are interested. I think some of you will create brilliant pieces of work!  Holds a weekly contest, so when you are in the mood, it is always available. Has a poll on her site, for those interested. One picture to choose from. Finish her story.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful week!


When An Angel Cries

When An Angel Cries

To see another entry of the Picture Worth Your Words contest please visit When An Angel Cries by Rana Armoush. It is a beautiful short story that gives a twist at the end. I love her creativity and thought it was worth sharing with you. Amazingly bone chilling!

It’s Not Your Time

Picture Worth Your Words Contest   Picture Prompt # 1

Baby, It’s Not Your Time

by Christine Smith-Johnson

Baby, I am here

Can’t you feel me this time

I am here with you

Always with you

You have to believe

You have to know

I feel your heart beating

Every second of every day

I hear your mind racing

When you think of me

I dry your tears when they spill

I have anger to

I feel your weakness

Let me comfort you

Can’t you feel me push you back

Do not do this

You are strong

You’re not ready to come home

Baby, I am here

Do you know I am here

Tell me you know I am here

You have to hold on

I know you long to be with me

I am not really gone

Baby, it’s not your time

I know you love me

You know I love you

You are my very soul

Stop this madness

Stop looking up

Look at me

Can’t you see me with your heart

Feel me with your heart

You have to feel me

I know you died with me

Everything changed

You are not alone

I am here, baby

I am always here

I know you hurt

I feel your pain

I have mine to

But these are not my tears

It’s only rain

Do you hear when I whisper to you

My heart was ripped out to

I see you cry

I hear your sighs

I would give anything to come back for you

I am lost without you

I miss you to

I will come back for you

When it’s your time

I am still your love

You are still my life

I will NEVER stop thinking of you

I will NEVER stop helping you

Please wait a while longer

I am waiting for you

I will always wait for you

Stop rushing this

Please take your time

Baby, It’s Not Your Time!

It was mine…

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