Did I Cheat In Receiving These Awards?

I went to a fellow blogger’s site today to inform her of a contest that is held weekly and found out she won two new awards. I figured I would congratulate Parry on her many accomplishments, and what did I find?!

Before she even had a chance to message me of my nomination for not one award, but two…I saw my name on her list! You have no idea how excited I was. So many things were going through my mind. How could I win awards and two at the same time?

I was just telling my daughter this morning. on the way to school, I want the Candle Lighter Award. I have always thought it was the prettiest one. Don’t get me wrong, I love them all. The shock of it all, is that I am still thanking others from the last two awards, before the beauty has even worn off, if it ever will. Hasn’t yet! Then, I mysteriously find two more, and one is my favorite. Yay! Thank you Parry!

Did I cheat by finding her list, before she could tell me?      Hehe…  I’m still smiling!



Parry at Slice Of Life is an extremely talented writer that juggles her writing with exams.

Hats off to you Parry!   (Thank you for nominating me. I was in complete shock.)

There are no rules for these awards other than enjoying them.

I would like to nominate   Mrs. S 

Todd Grady  (Soul Influences)

Eitheory  (We have a doctor in the house!) 🙂



I am honored to also receive the Lovely Blogger Award from Parry at Slice Of Life 

Yes, I am still in shock!

There are also no rules for this award.

I would like to pass it on to Aslan Kanshaw aka Dark Zone.

He can express things that take most of us our entire lifetime to find the right words for.

Truly AMAZING Master Poet! (So are Steph, Eric, and FiveReflections  to name a few.)



AHHA!!  I DID IT AGAIN!!  I just went to Parry’s site and found another award from her!!!! …Before I got her message. LOL

I’m on to you Parry.   Hehe

Before I could publish this post, I got another one!  My daughter is telling me to calm down. Shush your mouth!! 🙂

Thank you Parry!  You are so kind and truly an amazing person. I am honored.

Rules of Acceptance:

          1. Thank the blogger who presented you with the award.
          2. Post a photo of the award.
          3. Share ten things about yourself readers don’t know.
          4. Choose six people to present this award to.
          5. Let the six bloggers know they have been awarded.



    Ten Things About Me

    1. I am taking my daughter for her driving test today. Please pray for me!

    2. I can be extremely clumsy sometimes. My children and I can all fall up the stairs. Just last week, we were trying to break up a cat-dog fight. I fell up the stairs, lost my shoe, and hurt my leg, when all of a sudden, my daughter comes to my rescue and lands on top of my back. My head was pushed into the door, my leg was on a brick, and the cat used my daughter’s back as a take-off pad. We were both just stuck there and could not get up. I think I was also on top of the dog. It was crazy!

    3. I have two cousins, on my daddy’s side, who must be my twins. We are just alike, act alike, look alike, and think alike. We can sense each other’s trouble, a state away.

    4. I went from being a dental assistant to working in the car industry. Complete career switch. I was the manager over 7 locations throughout two states. I had many titles, auditing, training, collections, repossession, hiring/firing, customer service, sales, financing, insurance, service department, and many other areas of the corporate role. I used to hit the alarm clock in the morning and say, “Who’d you get?”, thinking a repo was being called in. I have had car keys thrown at me, I have been called all kind of names, and then there were some who thought I hung the moon.  Now, I’m tired! 🙂 Please do not ever mention another car lot to me, as long as I live. Just Kidding! Sort of. I did work my butt off though. It got like Wall Street most days.

    5. I hate the corporate life. Some of it was exciting, the traveling, the pay, the company car, the credit card, the technology, the friends at each location, getting away from the day in and day out drama. The part I hated was the micro-managing, the gossip, the jealousy, the threat of company shut down, the long hours, the meetings, the back stabbing, small company jets (with windows that whistle and landing gear that breaks!), never being home, missing out on family and friends, and numerous other things.

    6. I have a very, very small tolerance of people who nit pick every time you talk to them. Life is too short.

    7. I want a funny mirror, for my home. Anytime, someone is in a bad mood, that’s it! Go to the mirror!    I love them!! Cheap entertainment.

    8. I found a hawk when I was little, that had a broken wing. We took him home and nursed him back to health, until he could fly away.

    9. I had a pet squirrel named Quincy. He would jump from my shoulder to my husband’s when we passed in the hall. He was spoiled rotten. My husband and his mom raised one for 12 years or more, that visited the dentist to have his teeth cleaned. ???

    10. An embarrassing moment that my nine-year old cousin, Canaan, will obviously always remember. He still, years later, reminds his mom of it, (she is the cousin I mentioned who is like my twin). I once took my truck through a car wash and I saw my daughter’s flip-flop fly out the back. At that time, she was serious about her flip-flops! You couldn’t borrow them, much less look at them. A five dollar pair of flip-flops! I got out, not thinking the car wash would be slippery. All I was thinking was oh crap, I have to get that, or I am going to hear about it for days. I stepped in with only two things in mind: get the flip-flop and dear God, please don’t let the car wash start up! First step, okay, second step, I SKIED HALF-WAY THROUGH THE CAR WASH! ON ONE FOOT, THE OTHER ONE WAS IN THE AIR! Yeah, soap and wax really do get slimy. When I finally fell, I slid under the bar your tire rides on, cut my foot, cuz I had on durn flip-flops, cut my hand, but I got that flip-flop! I could barely get up. When I finally got up, I wobbled out, my shoe and hers in hand, covered in soap and wax, and bleeding. I was laughing so hard, I was crying and could barely see to drive. The stupid things we do for our children…


    Now, for the nominees who I choose to receive the Kreative Blogger Award:

    1. A Piece Of My Mind
    2. Lesley Carter
    3. Diamond Thread
    4. Thy Polar Life
    5. Poetic Journey 251
    6. Channel Comfort

    There are so many more who deserve this award! Congratulations to you all. I hope you have a wonderful week!




    About Christine Smith-Johnson

    I am a widowed mother of three children, ages 11 to 19. I hope to encourage you through my trials and traumatic experiences. All my life, I dealt with heartache, and kept my head held high. Recently, I dealt with a heartache so big, it consumed me. Every part of me was lost and hurting. I never thought I would make it through. I did and I want to help you make it through your heartache, no matter how big or small it may seem to you.

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    1. congratulations for the awards! loved knowing about you. i love squirrels. hope your daughter driving test went right.

    2. Well Christine i did it again! i couldn’t resist nominating you for the Kreative blogger award although I know you received one. So yes your honor guilty as charged, but you deserve it! http://ranaarmoush.wordpress.com/my-awards/

    3. Oh Christine! I promise you that if there’s any other award coming your way, I’ll write you a comment even before I write the post !! 😀 LOL

      Congratulations dear, you’re a real source of inspiration and you deserve all the good to come your way 🙂

      Peace & Love

    4. Christine, You are inspirational and I thank you for honoring me with a second award, I’m excited and hope that my blog following and success in the blogosphere follows yours!
      Inspired by you,

      • Hi Ann! Thank you for the appreciation and congratulations to you. You are so welcome and yes, your blog is already a success. 🙂 I am really enjoying your articles. Please keep them coming. I am also inspired by your writing as well. 🙂 Have a great day! xoxo

    5. Congratulations Christine. These awards clearly show you are truly appreciated.
      Love Steph xx

    6. Wow, thank you so much. Question though, and this might sound stupid but how do you know if you won an award? Is the nomination the award?

      • lol I wondered the same exact thing the first time. The nomination is the award. Post the picture on your site and follow the rules. You can copy and paste the rules and the picture into a new post on your site, and then add the rest. You can also add the award to the side or bottom of your site with a widget. I can walk you through it, if you need help.

        Congratulations Christina! 🙂

    7. Congrats on your awards, im honor you would consider me for another lovely award. I felt the sameway about the candle light award before I won it a month ago. So I know the feeling. 🙂

      Wow to the things you shared about you, especially the last one and the one about falling down the stairs had me in complete shock and omg! I’m so glad you was okay in both situation! God Bless 🙂

    8. Congratulations!!
      Thank you for visiting and following my blog..
      Wow, you have 1,230 followers, now you have 1,231 🙂
      Have a wonderful day or night!

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